10 Ideas To Help You Get Your Life Together

Have you ever woken up one day and wondered what has happened to your life?

Maybe you feel like you are walking through life with all your days blending together. Or that you are walking around in someone else’s life.

Opening your eyes one day and not knowing what happened to your life can be difficult, but it is not the end. First, you have to realize that only you can change your life. That responsibility cannot be put on your family, friends, or even coworkers. Only you!

Now that you have realized that your life is a blurry aura surrounding your body, you might be beating yourself up trying to figure out how you got this way. It is okay to reflex on how you got here because this allows you to not make the same mistakes again, but please don’t sit around beating yourself up about it. Love yourself and forgive ♥ Beating yourself up will only keep you on this cycle of negative vibrations and you will find that nothing will change. 

Don’t expect the change to happen all in one day or even one month. It is an ongoing process that will take time depending on how blurry your life has got.

Below I have shared 10 habits that you can incorporate into your life. Some are simple while others might take a little more effort. You don’t have to do them all, but the more positive habits your start doing the faster that fog around you will start to lift.

Remember — the number one rule is to have compassion for yourself as you are making this huge step towards self-love.


Make your bed – When you feel like your life is out of whack you need to start your day off right. You can accomplish this by making your bed as soon as you get up. I know that this might sound like something insignificant but if you get your bed made then you’ve accomplished your first thing and that will set your energy up for the rest of the day. Furthermore, when you walk into your room, it will enhance your good vibes — it makes your room look cleaner and you also have a fresh new bed to get into at night. 

Meal Prepping I feel like if I don’t know what I am making for supper I get stressed out and end up eating crap. You know what I mean…the quick food full of carbs…fries, chicken nuggets, bread, frozen meals. Meal prepping allows you to become less stressed because you will already know in advance what you are having for supper. There are a few ways to meal prep. You can compile a list of recipes that you plan on cooking and then buy all the ingredients to make them. This will allow your nights after work to run a bit more smoothly because now you won’t be standing in front of the fridge wasting electricity. The second way is to prep up some of your ingredients ahead of time, such as frying up your burger or cutting up your veggies. Having some of the ingredients already prepped has your meals already half done. Lastly, you can prepare the entire meal ahead of time and heat it up when you get home. Figure out what your suppers look like for the week or even a few days and take a day to make them. 

Declutter Don’t you feel less stressed when things are neat and tidy around you? Keeping your house in order will help you keep your life together. Find a spot for everything and make sure that you put the object back when you are finished with it. Don’t keep crap that you don’t need or no longer use…it is just getting in your way and bogging you down. Clean out your closets! Do you need 10 pairs of shoes? How about those pair of jeans that you probably haven’t worn since your graduation? Pull out all your items and start tossing. This might be better to do in stages for some people because getting rid of things that you’ve been holding onto can cause a lot of anxiety. We tend to hold a lot of meaning and memories to objects which cause many difficulties when trying to let them go. Instead of doing this just for your closets, why not try it with your entire home.

 Do one thing at a time – When you are trying to multitask you are scattering yourself all over the place, which is causing you to stress out and be overwhelmed. These feelings will bring you negative vibrations and if we want to change our lives then we need to replace these vibrations with positive ones. You want to put your intention on the task at hand until it is done and then move on to the next. Putting your entire self into that one task will raise your vibrations and create success. Try writing down the top 3 things you want to accomplish the next day and then knock them off starting with the toughest one first. 

♥ Journaling – This might sound like something simple and shouldn’t be on this list, but it is always the small things that help you make the big changes. Journaling can be done in many ways and it is up to you to find the way that works. Some people really like bullet journaling…this never really worked for me because I don’t find myself artistic. Other people just like to pour their heart out on paper. It doesn’t matter how you do it, you just don’t want to bombard your journal with negative thoughts and feelings because you will be sending this negativity out into the universe and that is what you will be getting back. Use it as a place to discover your purpose and values. It is alright to write down something that may not be going right, but don’t put all your focus on it. Try to find something positive about it. Use it as a learning experience. 

♥ Gratitude – Another simple thing that changes our lives but something that very few of us practice. You can practice gratitude when you are journaling or take time out of your day to sit and be grateful. This is a good practice to use in the mornings to start your day and at night to end your day. It is difficult to think negative when you are filled with gratitude. Be thankful for the small stuff as well. I am grateful to have the love and support of my partner in all the things I do…and trust me, I have tons of ideas that come and go all the time, but I am also grateful for my sense of taste and to be able to experience the deliciousness of food I eat. Open your journal and start writing down what you are grateful for. 

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Change your mindset – How you look at your world and the things around it are important because your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings are what impacts your actions and how you create your world. We are all conditioned with beliefs from the time we are born. These beliefs come from our upbringing, experiences, exposure, and education. We are instilled with positive and negative beliefs and we use them daily to interact with the world around us. You can change many things but until you change your mindset you will always find yourself right back where you started. It is time to sit down and think about the beliefs that you carry around. Pull out your journal and answer these questions…

  1. Look at all parts of your life – relationships, money, career, religion, education, free time, traditions, etc…. Now ask yourself what are your beliefs in each part of your life? Positive and Negative.
  2. Now that you know what your beliefs are, write down which of these are holding you back for having the life you really want. Ask yourself which ones are not working for you and getting in your way?
  3. What beliefs are your beliefs? Like I said above we get so many from other things around us, so which ones are truly yours and that you choose for yourself. Where did your other ones come from?
  4. Finally, what if your limiting beliefs are not even true? These beliefs are running your life and they may have been an illusion, mistake or accident that you even have them.

These are a few ways to get you started, but there are many ways to change your mindset that take time. It is possible to change your mind but it doesn’t happen overnight. Some ways to accomplish this is by doing some mindfulness practice and meditation.

Limit your social media as we are in the new world of technology we have lost ourselves in the many different social media platforms. These platforms have been beneficial in many ways – keeping in touch with family and friends easier, being able to reach out to more people for business purposes, and connecting to people all around the world. But, it has also hindered us in many ways – spending hours scrolling our feeds instead of spending time with our family and friends (kids spend more time in their virtual worlds talking to their friends than with their friends), less time outside, less physical contact with people (How often do you talk on the phone? Not texting, but really hearing voices), and less time experiencing things that bring us joy. Spending so much time on social media we start to compare our lives to the people we are following and forget that they posting their highlights. That doubt, fear, and envy start to creep into our lives bringing all its forms of negativity. 

♥ Leave the house earlyby leaving the house 10 or 15 minutes early you eliminate the stress and worry of being late. You never know what will happen on your travels, so if you prepare for it then you won’t feel frazzled when it happens, because we all know that when something goes wrong and you end up being late then it messes up the rest of your day. 

♥ Know you are not alone – This one might sound simple but I believe it is the most difficult. We forget that we are not the only ones going through the crap we are dealing with and that everyone around us has their own crap they are dealing with as well. As much as we are trying to manifest the life we want we will have times when we find ourselves jumping down that negative rabbit hole. If you realize that you are not the only one dealing with something then you start to fill your heart with compassion for those around you. When you fill your heart with compassion then you are vibrating off more positive energy into the universe —and at that moment, you are changing your life.


Getting your life together will not happen by doing one thing for one day. It is going to take multiple ways and it will not be the same for everyone. This list of 10 ideas is only a small list of many other things that you can try to incorporate into your life. If you are interested in more ideas I have included a master list of 23 ideas that will help you get your life together. You will have these 10 as a quick reference guide and 13 extras to help you on your journey.

23 Ideas To Help You Get Your Life Together Download

What do you do to find balance in your life? What are your tips to get your life together? Share them below so we can all fill our toolbox with as many great tools that we can.

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