5 Positive Thinking Practices For Transformation

I sit at my computer day after day wondering what I want to write. What I want to put out into the world. This is one of the most difficult things that I am doing and end up closing my computer without one word written. Self-doubt starts to creep into my thoughts.

Why bother starting a blog if I am not sure what to write? What if anyone doesn’t read it? If I really wanted to do this then I would have millions of post by now? Will people judge me? Will I judge myself?

As you can see, it can go on and on and on…

Does this sound familiar?


Negative thoughts and feelings tend to seep into our being and take over. Once you start thinking negative it is like a weed that invades your entire mind and spreading at a rapid speed. One little self-doubt in the morning can have you crumpled into the fetal position by the evening.

With this being said, I have been struggling with my self-doubt lately. Maybe all I’m cut out for is a retail job where my days all blend together. I have gone to school to better myself and that didn’t seem to take me anywhere. Thinking this way is not going to get me to where I want to be. Thinking this way is going to keep me where I am. This is one important thing that you have to remember — your thoughts and feelings will determine where your life goes.

When you have negative thoughts you are sending out negative vibrations into the universe. Guess what you are getting back?

More negativity

You need to be intentional about your thoughts and feelings. I am not saying that you can’t have them at all, but you need to know that what goes out comes back. Developing mindfulness practices will help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. If you find yourself in that state of negativity then step back for a second. Try to find something that you can be thankful for about the situation. Don’t judge yourself for not being positive all the time…we are just human, but the more you try to have compassion for the person that might have just pissed you off or finding something to be grateful for during a bad situation then you are going to raise your positive vibrations. It is difficult to be filled with negative emotions when you are practicing gratitude.

There are many tips and tricks that help you stay confident on your journey. Negative energy is like the plague and attacks almost everyone it touches. Someone else’s bad mood can suddenly be your own. The more you incorporate positive thinking and self-care practices into your life, the easier it will be to repel negativity. This will not happen overnight. We spend most of our lives in a negative state. It will take more than a couple of weeks to repair how we think, feel, and react to the situations around us.

Here are 5 ways to help you start thinking more positive and raise your vibrations.


  • Start your day off using positive affirmations – this will set your mood for the entire day. Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself directly in the eyes. Use statements in the present tense, such as “I will”, “I feel”, and “I am going to”.
    • I am grateful for my life
    • I have my dream job
    • I love everything about my body
    • I easily accomplish all of my goals
    • I instantly manifest my desires
    • I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends


  • Turn your failures into lessons – look at the situation and find the lesson to learn instead of beating yourself up for something that you think you did wrong. We are all human and we all make mistakes. We all put our shoes on one foot at a time. When something has an undesirable outcome step back and take a look with no judgment. I know this is difficult. The biggest person you love to judge is yourself. You can’t go back and change the situation to make a different outcome. Why not take the lessons from it? I have had a lot of outcomes in my life that I wish did not happen and sometimes I find that doubt and failure creep into my thoughts. I have to step back and remind myself that everything that has happened in my life has brought me to who I am today.


  • Postive self-talk – when you are constantly using negative self-talk you are sending out negative vibrations into the universe. You are attracting negative people. You are attracting negative situations. It is easy to make yourself miserable when you are using negative self-talk. You wake up in the morning and notice it is raining, so you start saying to yourself how crappy of a day it is going to be. You get to work and start noticing all the crappy things to confirm your thoughts about that crappy rainy day. This keeps going and going. Instead of thinking how crappy it is outside because it is raining think about how wonderful it is that our lakes and rivers are getting replenished. How our plants and grounds are getting nourished. Now you have a good reason to snuggle on the couch and spend some time reading that book you love. This brings me to the next point.


  • Self-Care – it is important to take care of yourself. If you don’t spend a little time doing something for just you then you start to feel rundown and bitter. We spend more time now than ever working and doing things for other people. You want to be able to help people as the best you. You want to be able to go to work as the best you. You want to be able to spend time with your family as the best you. In order to do this, you want to take care of you. These don’t have to be long all day self-care practices but make sure you schedule them into your day. Have some you time.
    • Take a bath
    • Read a book
    • Do some yoga
    • Connect with nature (without your phone)
    • Book a massage or facial


  • Find positive friends, mentors, and co-workers – when you are in your negative-self talk mode you start to attract the same kind of people. You’ll find yourself standing around complaining about your life or other people’s lives. This brings up all those negative thoughts and feelings… judgment, envy, frustration, etc…. Find people that are positive and uplifting. You will find your thoughts and feelings start to change. Positive people will make you feel good about yourself and then you will want to return the same positivity.

I hope that this list helps you get started on your journey. We need more positivity in the world today. As you are trying to repair your own life, you will also be helping someone else repair their life too. You will be learning compassion and gratitude. As you practice these skills, the people around you will see your changes and be inspired.

What is the 1 positive thinking practice that has helped you start your transformation? Please share below so we can all learn from each other.

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