The Beginning Of My Life Journey

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you are standing naked in front of a crowd of people? You are shocked, embarrassed, and filled with fear. That is how I feel starting a blog. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel excited, but when writing about your life I feel exposed. It takes a lot of guts to post about your life online (good or bad) for everyone to read. Maybe it is that part of me that feels like I am being judged for what I do and say and even though I know that it shouldn’t matter what others think…it does to me, but then that is why I am on this life journey. I admire all those people that I watch on YouTube and Instagram  I can honestly say that every one that I watch has been an inspiration to me and has given me a stepping stone for my own journey. Everyone in my life (even those that I don’t take to now) has changed my life and has made an impact.

So here is the start of my own journey

I have been on this journey to improve my health for a long time, but I wasn’t always doing it right and most of the time I didn’t have the energy (motivation) to do the things that would make improvements. In the last two years, my life has changed drastically and now I feel like it is not even my own life I’m living. So here I am! Going to change my life for the better by living every day intentionally.

Just over two years ago, I finally quit smoking. This was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do in my life. I was a smoker for 28 years, starting when I was in my pre-teens. I tried quitting smoke one billion times…or at least it felt like that. Finally, the last time was the last time!! There were times I felt like I could claw my own eyes out if someone would give me a cigarette, but throughout it all, I still managed to stay smoke-free for 898 days.

Many people would say that if I could quit smoking I should be able to do anything… well, that is what I thought too. When they say nicotine is addictive they are right because here I am 898 days later and still find myself wanting to go out in the freezing cold to light up a smoke with snot hanging from my nose (those that smoke outside can feel me right now). Knowing that I can quit smoking only gives me hope that I can build healthy habits for my life. Has anyone else ever had difficulty building new habits? I always thought it would be easier for me to introduce new things in my life, but it seems to be just as hard ~sigh~

But this is my new journey… I will be spending the rest of my life intentionally living. My plans are to be healthy and happy! Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. Here are a few things that I will be embracing in my life:

  1. Losing weight – I will be changing my diet to a low carb diet and hopefully be eating a cleaner. My starting weight is 167lb and I am aiming to get down to 130lb. I am using my starting weight from this moment, but I have lost weight in the last 12 months. I was 195lbs in April 2017, I lost this weight by removing grains and mostly sugar, and working 2 jobs 7 days a week. Almost 20lbs weight loss, but I was extremely burnt out.
  2. Build an exercise routine – at this moment, I am not someone that likes to exercise. I want to start doing some kind of stretching yoga and mild weight lifting before I head into anything else. I did a lot of walking over the summer, but now it is winter and I live in Canada…enough said. I do get 10 000 steps a day at my job so I’ll take that as exercising right now.
  3. Living with less – I am in the process of going through my home and removing items that I do not need. Living with less will give me more time to do the things that I enjoy.
  4. Law of attraction – Using the law of attraction to manifest my dreams.
  5.  Relationships – This will be a difficult one because I’ve always kept myself guarded. There seem to be fewer and fewer relationships in my life at moment, so this is something that has to change.
  6. Helping people – I’ve always wanted a career in helping people. I am not really sure what that looks like at the moment but I do want something that brings values to other people.

We all make choices every day and these will be my choices! How will you be living your life intentionally? Are there any tips that make this easier for you?

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