The Struggles Of Weight Loss

This post will be short and sweet. As I run through the part of my life that needs a change I start to face feelings and self-doubt. Being overweight is something that more and more people face these days. The struggle is real.

  • There is too much information out there about what is the right diet. Is it vegan, keto, low carb, weight watchers, paleo, raw food, etc….
  • These days everyone is busy working more than 8 hours every day to earn a living. Most people have to work 2 jobs just to pay their bills. This impacts meals because everyone looks for easy meals that are normally processed foods.
  • Our food quality has changed over the years. There are more processed food, more pesticides, and more GMOs.

Even though I have chosen to eat a low carb diet, it has been off and on for a while now, but for some reason, I am nervous taking this step in my life. I am filled with all these doubts. What if I don’t lose any weight? What if I do it wrong? Will this be worth it? Well, after I filled my head with all these doubts I have decided to let them go because I won’t be able to know unless I try.

“Do, or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

I think my doubts come from watching many many YouTube videos and reading blogs. When you start watching what other people do, you start wondering what you should do. Everyone seems to be doing something different, which can be confusing for someone just starting. This week I did a lot of searching and have come to this conclusion…I am going to do what is best for me! That is all you can do.

Where I Started…

Weight: 167lbs

Bust: 37.5in
Chest: 34.5in
Waist: 35in
Hips: 43.5in
Thigh: R-24in L-25in
Calves: R-16in L-16in
Upper Arm: R-12in L-12in
Forearm: R-10.5in L-10.5in
Neck: 15in


When it comes to weight loss, what are your tips or tricks that you use? Do you have a certain diet that you follow? If you have been trying to lose weight let me know in the comments what has been working or not working for you.

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